Thursday June 08, 2023

Same old, same old

May 02, 2022

This refers to the news report, ‘Imran Khan ready for march on Capital’ (April 24). During the last general elections when a number of people couldn’t contest because of certain cases against them, the PTI could not secure a total of 172 National Assembly seats on its own. A capable person in his place would have easily increased his strength in parliament by winning over independent candidates and others. However, due to his arrogant behaviour and erratic judgment especially when it came to the selection of the chief minister of Punjab, Imran Khan lost his allies and became the only Pakistani PM to be ousted through a no-confidence motion. Also, reports of the sale of gifts deposited in the Toshakhana dented his reputation as a man of integrity. For a prime minister who came to power on the back of anti-corruption slogans, abusing his power to sell expensive gifts is inexcusable regardless of what the law says about the sale of gifts.

He has now reverted to his favourite activity of blaming others for his failures, inciting people, stirring things up and financing his rallies through public donations, not his money. It is hoped that the authorities stop him before he makes too much of a nuisance.

SRH Hashmi