Sunday May 22, 2022

E-governance to lead to transparency & efficiency, says minister

By Bureau report
January 26, 2022

PESHAWAR: Minister for Science and Technology Muhammad Atif Khan said on Tuesday KP is witnessing a new dawn of digital transformation in the government and the private sectors alike.

Speaking at a function, he said endeavouring to grow the digital economy, the province has dedicatedly focused on supporting regulations, strengthening institutions, and increasing capabilities for digital access, digital governance, digital economy, and digital skills in the region.

He said: “As a nation, we are at the turn of the century with modernization and globalization being the main drivers. The KP is one of the largest regions of the nation and it is our ambition to make it a global business and investment hub by building a sustainable and easy to use digital infrastructure that will help in reducing the red tape and lengthy procedures to enable a smart ecosystem.”

The minister said the conversion to e-governance will lead to transparency and efficiency, taking us a step closer to the dream we all have for our glorious Pakistan.

Ali Mahmoud, Managing Director, KP-IT Board, said: “Pakistan Digital City is enabling a systematic digital transformation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by leveraging information and communication technologies for job creation, connectivity, empowerment and inclusive economic growth.”

According to the new conversion, KP government has launched Pakistan Digital City — the first Digital City of Pakistan.

It is close to the Islamabad capital territory and to the new International Airport of Islamabad.

The Pakistan Digital City is offering exemption from the Customs duties, taxes, and General Sales Tax for 10 years.

Hassan Daud Butt, Chief Executive Officer, KP-Board of Investment and Trade, said: “The KP government is working tirelessly to build a comprehensive ecosystem within the country to encourage businesses and investors to move to the country. The IT minister in cooperation with the KP government has launched the Special Technology Zone Authority to support youth, freelancers and Technology businesses to flourish with the infrastructure provided. We have over 20,000 IT graduates and engineers every year and our aim is to create ample employment opportunities for them within the region. Technology is affecting everything in our daily life we need to work in tandem with the global digital transition.”