Wednesday May 25, 2022

PTI govt has no role in campaign for presidential system, says Hammad

January 23, 2022
PTI govt has no role in campaign for presidential system, says Hammad

LAHORE: Federal Energy Minister Hammad Azhar has categorically denied PTI government’s role behind the current campaign being spearheaded for the presidential system of government.

Talking to newsmen on Saturday, Energy minister said: “We have no role in the advertisement of presidential system. Whatever system exists in the country, it is in accordance with the constitution and law.”

He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) introduced truly democratic local government system. In the past, paralyzed local government system was introduced by PMLN. Unlike past, “we have introduced an effective and efficient system,” said Hammad.

On the occasion, the energy minister admitted that the countrymen had been braving high electricity cost and inflationary pressures.

He added that the price hike would create a problem in the election. It was therefore, “Our real competition will be with inflation than the opposition.”

He blamed previous government for the high cost of electricity as they set up power plants which added billions of rupee circular debt due to mandatory capacity payments. He asserted that the government was aware of masses’ vows and trying hard to address the issue of inflation.

He said that India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other regional countries are facing high levels of inflation, adding that no country in the world had been spared from the negative effects of Corona epidemic. Its effects had also been felt in Pakistan.

|He further said that Punjab was preparing for local body elections and senior leadership was reorganizing the set up. He added that local body candidates and mayoral election would also be considered by the party leadership. “The party will form a parliamentary board to consider related issues under the guidance of the Prime Minister Imran Khan,” said Hammad. He asserted that PTI would provide good talented and honest leadership to the people of Lahore. He said that the development work was being done in various parts of city. He said that his government had to face hosts of issues since its inception that included high current account deficit, depleting foreign exchange reserves, pandemic and Afghan war. Hammad Azhar said that in spite of all these problems and difficulties and challenges, the government handled the situation and the indicators of the economy were very much positive. On the occasion, Mahmood Rasheed said that the Local Government Act is likely to be passed in the next session of the Assembly.