Friday May 20, 2022

Too scared to speak

January 21, 2022

This refers to the editorial ‘Impunity and justice’ (January 14). The absolute impunity and the total lack of fear of consequences with which Usman Mirza assaulted a couple in Islamabad last year sent a wave of repulsion and insecurity amongst people. When the perpetrator and his accomplices were arrested, took a collective sigh of relief. However, recently, the victim retracted her statement. It was heartening to note that the government decided to pursue the case regardless of the victim’s retraction of her complaint, but the situation also highlights the absence of proper witness-protection provided by the criminal-legal system of the country.

As there is clear and solid video evidence against Usman Mirza in this case, it is hoped that he will face the full force of the law and that the culture of impunity enjoyed by the criminal will come to an end.

Akbar Jan Marwat