Monday May 23, 2022

Police find rusted war weapons buried at warehouse

January 16, 2022
Police find rusted war weapons buried at warehouse

Police have found a huge cache of rusted war weapons buried in the ground at a warehouse in Karachi’s old city area. Besides anti-aircraft guns, machine guns and Sten submachine guns, other war equipment has also been dug out.

District Central SSP Malik Murtaza Tabassum told the media that the police conducted the operation on a tip-off, and during excavating various parts of the warehouse, recovered weapons buried in the ground for many years, causing them to rust.

The officer said the weapons of war were hidden in the warehouse of a residential building near a market in the Bheempura locality of the old city area. Police smashed the floor and pulled out the weapons from underneath.

He said the police have information about a few similar locations in the city, adding that they recovered sophisticated and big weapons during an overnight operation, and small weapons in the morning. “The weapons have rusted but it is yet to be ascertained from where and how these weapons reached here. It will be premature to say anything about those who owned these weapons.”

The SSP pointed out that the Sten gun is not a common weapon, saying that details are being gathered about the owner of the warehouse. Police sources said the weapons could have been on the stolen Nato containers, but a forensic analysis is under way to confirm that.

The Bheempura area has been a stronghold of a political party and warring Lyari-based gangsters in the past. Moreover, a huge cache of weapons was found at a house in the Azizabad neighbourhood during the Karachi operation.