Tuesday January 18, 2022

Baby born at Attari named ‘Border’

December 07, 2021

AMRITSAR: Nimbu Bai, a Pakistani currently stuck at the Attari border, gave birth to a baby boy. Stranded at the border for 71 days along with her husband Balam Ram and 97 other Pakistanis, she decided to name her boy 'Border', foreign media reported.

The name was given to the child to commemorate his unique place of birth. Border was born after Nimbu Bai went into labour and received help from women in the neighbouring areas of Indian Punjab and other villagers who also called for medical assistance.

According to Balam Ram, he and his family were stuck at the border as they had come to India for a pilgrimage and did not have the necessary documents to enter their country. Another Pakistani citizen at the border, Lagya Ram, named his son 'Bharat' when he was born in December last year. Lagya Ram is one of the many people stuck at this border with Balam Ram. All the people unable to pass the Attari border are staying in a tent near the international check-post. They are provided with food and medical facilities by the locals there.