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Russia’s Musa Mogushkov refuses Pakistan coaching offer

December 03, 2021

KARACHI: Russia’s prominent judo Olympian Musa Mogushkov has refused to serve as Pakistan coach.

“Yes Musa has declined our offer,” a senior official of Pakistan Judo Federation (PJF) told ‘The News’ in an interaction.

The PJF wanted to hire his services until the South Asian Games which Pakistan is supposed to host in early 2023. Musa has been a prolific fighter of Russia, having played in the Tokyo Olympics recently.

During his illustrious career, besides loads of medals in various events, he won two bronze medals in the World Championships, four gold medals in the Grand Slam and three gold medals in Grand Prix.

“He was a good choice but you cannot force anyone to serve you,” the PJF official said.

PJF will now try to hire a coach from any Central Asian country.

“Now in the next step we will focus on Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. We will meet Kazakhstan’s ambassador and we will negotiate at the government level,” the official said.