Sunday January 23, 2022

Plight of allottees continues for past 32 years

November 28, 2021

Islamabad : The Allottees Action Committee for Development of Sector E-12 has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to direct Capital Development Authority (CDA) to start early simultaneous development of 4 sub-sectors of E-12 and hand over possession of the plots to allottees without unnecessary delay, says a press release.

“Sector E-12, Islamabad, was acquired in 1985 and its plots are property of allottees, their successors who have been running from pillar to post for past 32 years, are awaiting a miracle for possession of their developed plots. Ultimately the allottees had to file Writ Petition (No. 244/2018) in the Islamabad High Court and the Honorable Court in its interim relief directed on 3.2.2020 that “the Capital Development Authority is also expected to ensure that development works in sector E-12 are completed without delay” and in its final decision dated 14th June 2021, the Honorable Court declared that “the fundamental rights of the petitioners in the E-12 Petition have also been violated. They were issued allotment letters of plots in 1989 against payment of consideration. The sector was not developed. The Federal Government may, therefore, formulate a policy regarding development of sectors in order to ensure that sector E-12 is developed and possession of plots is handed over to allottees without unnecessary delay,” said Nazar Hussain, Chairman of Allottees Action Committee for Development of Sector E-12.

He said that Capital Development Authority launched sector E-12 in the year 1989, and allotted about 4,430 plots to Federal Government Employees, retired employees, their widows and general public. “Hundreds of plots were purchased by Overseas Pakistanis. Government employees paid charges of plots from their pension and by selling their ornaments etc. Overseas allottees paid from their day and night hard earned money and similarly other allottees; all intending to build their dream houses in the sector. There are long tales of agonies of said allottees for the last 32 years due to non-development of the sector. About 1,400 allottees have so far expired due to age factor amid dreams of their own houses. The allottees have been residing in rented houses for more than 3 decades. The unprecedented delay in development of sector apart from constant tension has badly perturbed allottees’ future plans and caused socio-economic losses to them. Victimization of allottees and violation of their fundamental rights for such a long period is quite unfortunate. During this period the previous land owners kept availing their dwellings, shops, cattle breeding and cultivation of 5672 kanals land of the sector,” he added.

“The CDA Board had approved PC-1 for development of sector E-12 in October, 2019, tenders were invited and development works started in sub-sectors E-12/2 and E-12/3 but it was stopped since June 2021. The CDA may settle the disputed issues with the previous land owners of Sector E-12 as early as possible. Meanwhile development of the sector should not be stopped as done in the case of all previous sectors,” he added.