Tuesday December 07, 2021

Urdu varsity holds seminar to enhance students skills

November 26, 2021

Islamabad The Department of Commerce, Federal Urdu University, Islamabad Campus, organised a one-day seminar here Thursday on ‘Encouraging Students to Enhance Their Abilities to Join Pakistan Forces.’ Commander of Pakistan Navy Farooq Khan attended the seminar as a special guest and expressed his valuable views. In his address, the Commander Pakistan Navy guided the students and explained how the youth and especially the students can improve their skills and abilities which are essential for joining the Armed Forces of Pakistan. The University Administration provided all facilities to Malik Mohammad Ishtiaq and Chaudhry Mohammad Waseem for conducting a successful seminar under the s u p e r v i - sion of D r . Ghaza l a S h a - heen, Head of C o m - merce Department and with the cooperation of all colleagues. Dr. Ghazala Shaheen, Head of Commerce Department said that she is very grateful to the Commander of Pakistan Navy Farooq Khan who expressed his valuable views and shared all the important suggestions with us. The seminar was very fruitful and we hope that it will be a step towards creating a positive image of our university and enabling students to secure their future and enhance their skills and abilities in career development.