Thursday December 08, 2022

10 Iran military personnel on trial over downed Ukraine jet

November 22, 2021

Tehran: Ten members of Iran’s military went on trial on Sunday in connection with the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet in 2020, the judiciary said.

On January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 crashed shortly after take-off from Iran’s capital Tehran killing all 176 people aboard, most of them Iranians and Canadians, including dual nationals.

The Islamic republic admitted three days later that its forces mistakenly shot down the Kiev-bound Boeing 737-800 plane, after firing two missiles. A report by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation released in March blamed the shooting of the jet on "human error". Sunday’s trial was held at a military tribunal in Tehran province, the judiciary’s Mizan Online agency said. "Ten defendants of different (military) ranks were present in court," it said.