Saturday December 04, 2021

Hot mess

October 25, 2021

This refers to the article ‘STEAM-powered schools’ by Dr Ayesha Razzaque (October 19). The writer discussed how the educational scenario is changing, in the capital’s government schools. Performing practicals and group activities, and assembling robotics, etc are a part of the STEAM method of education. No doubt that these kinds of activities are a great improvement, but when will we come out to the boundaries of the capital city? There is a lack of attention towards underdeveloped cities and villages. Education should be for everyone – rich, poor, man or woman. Instead of sending boys to schools and girls to domestic work, people should understand that education is everyone’s right regardless of gender. A large number of women work in the agriculture sector – from seeding to harvesting there is nothing they can’t do.

Women who work in fields spend around 10 hours at work. Then there are domestic duties to be taken of as well. Moreover, how is it possible for farmers to send their daughters to school if they think it is against their honour? This mindset also leads to honour killings and child marriages. It is important to improve the education sector, but nothing good will come of it if society is not willing to send girls to school. Add to this mess the inflation and people’s need to make children work and we have a real issue on our hands.

Gull Bhutto