Wednesday December 01, 2021

Karo Kari devours three women

October 23, 2021

SUKKUR: The tradition of ‘Karo Kari’ took lives of three more women, including a student of class-VIII, in three separate incidents in district Ghotki.According to police, Mehrab Lakhan shot and killed his niece, Aasia, a student of class-VIII, when she returned home from school in district Ghotki.

The police said the accused, after killing her, managed to escape from the scene. They said during the initial investigation, they found the cause of the murder was ‘Karo Kari’. In another incident of similar nature, Mehar Mirani killed his cousin Shamul Meerani in village Janan Wasoo of district Ghotki. The police arrested the accused who confessed to killing his cousin after seeing her with another man in ‘objectionable condition’. He said by the time he brought the pistol, the man had managed to escape and he shot his cousin dead.

Sonharo Shar killed his wife Allah Wadhai when she was picking cotton in Daharki, district Ghotki. He also attacked and left injured Abdullah Rajari who he accused of being his wife’s friend. Strongly rejecting the allegations, Qadir Bakhsh, father of the deceased, told the police that his daughter was innocent and demanded Shar’s arrest.