Thursday October 28, 2021

Govt to crack down on professional beggars

October 14, 2021

PESHAWAR: The government has decided to launch an operation against professional beggars and drug addicts in Peshawar division and Khyber district.

A press release issued by the office of commissioner said the government had issued directives to take action against beggars and drug addicts. The government has directed the administration of Peshawar, Nowshera, Charsadda and Khyber districts to devise a plan and launch the operation from October 23. The intelligence services had been directed to collect data on the people providing accommodation to professional beggars and the mafias supporting them.

The professional beggars and their collaborators would be booked under the Vagrancy Restraint Act, Local Government Act and 3 MPO. These people would be provided skills training at the shelter homes. The parents, who force their children to beg, would also be booked under the relevant laws.