Thursday October 21, 2021

Notorious cop believed to be ‘kidnapped’ after men in plainclothes take him away

September 23, 2021
Notorious cop believed to be ‘kidnapped’ after men in plainclothes take him away

SHO Haroon Korai went missing on Tuesday night and is now believed to have been kidnapped. Interestingly, the policeman, who is considered one of the most influential and controversial cops of the Karachi police, has disappeared from the jurisdiction of the Sacchal police station, which was considered his stronghold as he was frequently posted there reportedly due to his influence.

The family of the ‘abducted’ police officer claimed that men in plainclothes took him away with them at around 9:30pm on Tuesday night. Though the incident occurred at 9:30pm, the family approached police hours after the incident at around 2:30am on Wednesday.

SHO Korai had recently been suspended and several inquiries were being conducted against him. The former Sacchal SHO also resided within the limits of the same police station in Saadi Town.

“Men in civvies arrived on few vehicles including three police mobiles and took my father along with the driver, namely Akhtar, away with them while covering their faces with clothes,” said his son, Amir Korai. “As the father did not return despite the passage of hours, we then finally informed the police helpline 15.”

The current SHO of the Sacchal police station, Aurangzeb Khattak, said SHO Korai’s family informed the police about the kidnapping on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. SHO Korai is considered a very influential police officer of the city who was often able to stop inquires against him. Besides the Sacchal police station, he has served as the SHO of the PIB Colony, Landhi and Steel Town police stations.

He was suspended from the Sacchal SHO’s post last month after he was accused of conducting a robbery at the residence of two women, stealing Rs4.7 million from there and later making a fake case of narcotics against the two women and sending them to prison.