Monday October 18, 2021

Military, political intervention bring harm, warns Xi

September 22, 2021
Military, political intervention bring harm, warns Xi

UNITED NATIONS: Chinese President Xi Jinping says military intervention from the outside and so-called democratic transformation entail nothing but harm. Xi Jinping was addressing the United Nations General Assembly via video link

The UN should serve as the central platform for countries to jointly safeguard universal security, share development achievements and chart the course for the future of the world, he said. “It falls on each and every responsible statesman to answer the questions of the times and make a historical choice with confidence, courage and a sense of mission,” said Chinese President. Xi Jinping stressed that we must revitalize the economy and pursue more robust, greener and more balanced global development.

He said China will continue to support and engage in global science-based Covid-19 origins tracing, and stands firmly opposed to political maneuvering in whatever form. Beijing, will strive to provide a total of 2 billion doses of vaccines against Covid-19 to the world by the end of this year, he added.