Wednesday October 20, 2021

Rashid, Chauhan make fuss on TV channels: PMLN

September 19, 2021

LAHORE : PMLN Punjab spokesperson Azma Bukhari has demanded resignation of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid and Provincial Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chauhan.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, she said that Sheikh Rashid and Fayyaz-ul-Hasan Chauhan were only receiving salaries for making fuss on TV channels. They only give speeches to the nation in the morning and evening to secure their jobs, she said. Azma Bukhari said that Maryam Nawaz reminded Imran Khan of his statements. “After political victories of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, the government ministers are mentally upset.,” she said, adding the world could not respect the green passport with verbal and hollow claims. “You make mistakes, embarrass the country but the culprit is Sharif family,” she said addressing the incumbent rulers.