Wednesday October 20, 2021

Muslims in danger

September 17, 2021

I am going out on a limb here. I told you last week that the events in Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover were fore planned in tandem with a desperate America which was staring defeat in the face. They were not being nice; they were being realistic to keep a channel to the Taliban open. The basis of the whole enterprise was to keep the rise of political Islam at bay.

I have told you before and I will say it again: America cannot operate without a tangible adversary. After the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991, they had no adversary left and became the sole superpower. It was a burden they could not bear. So they decided to invent an enemy – the Muslims and the Muslim world. It was the British who actually started it after the collapse of the Ottoman caliphate. They vowed that they would never let political Islam raise its head. And so the thing panned out.

The American Enterprise Institute wrote a ‘Strategic Report’ to create strategies which would let the US maintain its global dominance into the 21st Century. That report is called, ‘Project for the New American Century.’ Needless to say, the report outlined measures that would help maintain America’s dominant role. That was a report meant to maintain and increase naked American hegemony at a global level in the 21st Century.

They needed a catalyst; and the events of 9/11 created the catalyst. Thus one can say that 9/11 was conceptualised, articulated and executed as a perfect Pearl Harbour moment. That is how the US accomplished its grand strategic objectives by launching the ‘war on terror’. They needed to establish a base and weak and doddering Afghanistan was the ideal base because it had no military worth the name. What the US forgot was Afghanistan’s historic ability to guard its independence with unmatched zeal. The place they established their base in (Afghanistan) they called the ‘heart of Asia.’ The rise of the Taliban, which came much before 9/11, had to be nipped.

So America and its fellow travellers like British Intelligence, Israel’s MOSSAD and India’s RAW then created deadly terror outfits to harm Pakistan, like the TTP. Nearly 200,000 Pakistanis lost their lives and many maimed and injured. It cost a $150 billion loss to Pakistan’s economy. The occupation of Afghanistan removed the threat of political Islam. So now America was well on its way to disintegrate Pakistan, which they projected would be in 2015.

Thank God for China, which launched the One Belt One Road initiative and the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – to open up trade routes across Asia. It was the second coming of the Chinese Silk Road. The icing on the cake is that Pakistan is the only nuclear armed country in the Muslim world. So the Israelis and Indians loved the fact that they would soon be defanged. To achieve their objective of dismembering Pakistan, the US cabal orchestrated a regime movement that would then install who they thought were US assets.

Those were the bad days. Then by 2008, the ISI swung into action and started building a counter-strategy to push back the US strategy. It was then that China moved in to build Gwadar Port and CPEC. Now the American, British and Israeli intelligence agencies’ plan to dismember Pakistan was in tatters. The Taliban became stronger and helped the graveyard of the world to take in more members, now the American and NATO people. Pakistan started learning the lesson that who they considered allies were actually their mortal enemies.

The Taliban were not armed by Pakistan or directly by any other country: they fought brilliant guerilla warfare and America found that the ant had climbed up the trunk of the elephant. Thus the Afghan Taliban won the war all by themselves. The Americans stupidly gave India millions of dollars to help and train the new Afghan National Army. In the end they were routed. But don’t be fooled. This is still not the end of the road.

America is busy creating a new justification to reoccupy Afghanistan or to move in some way against Pakistan. Their hypocritical concern for human and women’s rights in Afghanistan is just a ploy to re-intervene. Where was this concern when America and Nato forces were busy killing Afghan women and children? I do hope that Pakistan can see through this balderdash. America and its allies have become masters in Hitler’s false-flag operation tactics.

We are now at a momentous moment in history – especially if the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan manages to form a truly Islamic government. That is when a global reset will begin. Pakistan has been warned. And Mr Imran Khan better take this on board. Allama Iqbal had warned that the real threat to the Western capitalist order will come not from communism (or from itself) but from political Islam. The great man was right. Now it is up to the Muslims and their governments not to mess it up.

The writer is a veteran journalist, political analyst and author.

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