Friday October 15, 2021

S Punjab secretariat to be given autonomy

August 31, 2021

LAHORE:Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Monday said that the PTI government was fulfilling its promises, made with the people of South Punjab.

Chairing a meeting at his office, the chief minister said that the rules of business for the South Punjab Secretariat had been formulated. He said these rules of business would be presented before the provincial cabinet for approval on Tuesday (today). The South Punjab Secretariat would be given administrative autonomy while a separate budget had been reserved for south Punjab along with its ring fencing, he said.

Meanwhile, a separate Annual Development Programme (ADP) book for South Punjab had also been compiled and work was in progress according to the priorities of residents of South Punjab, the CM added. Law Minister Raja Basharat, Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht, chief secretary, ACS, ACS (South Punjab) and others attended the meeting.

Meanwhile, the chief minister said that the PTI government was returning the right to development to South Punjab. He was talking to Punjab Minister Dr Akhtar Malik, MPAs Saleem Labar and Qasim Langah at Multan Airport on Monday, according to a handout issued here. The chief minister said the government was moving in the right direction, adding that he did not believe in one-man show. The decisions were made with consultation, he said. The development schemes of Multan City would be completed in time and the water supply and sewerage system would also be improved, he said and added that the past government transferred South Punjab funds to other schemes and deceived the people in the name of development. He pointed out that a separate development plan had also been devised for South Punjab along with ring-fencing the budget.

PDM: Usman Buzdar said that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) alliance had ended in fiasco. In a statement, the chief minister said the unnatural combination of 11 parties could not last for 11 months because of internal differences and entropy. The PDM should revisit its negative approach as the failed Karachi meeting was writing on the wall for them, the CM suggested. The PDM leadership was destined to whine permanently as it was devoid of statesmanship and political wisdom; he maintained and added that the political cabal was indifferent to public welfare.

CABINET: The chief minister will chair the 47th Cabinet meeting at his office on Tuesday (today) to deliberate upon a 31-point agenda. Provincial ministers, advisers, special assistants, chief secretary and others will attend the meeting