Saturday September 25, 2021

Eidul Azha celebrated in KP with religious fervour

PESHAWAR: Eidul Azha was celebrated across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with religious fervour.In the provincial capital, the main congregation was held at the Eidgah in Faqirabad on the Charsadda Road.

The congregations were also held in other mosques such as Mahabar Khan, Gunj Ali Khan, Dilawar Khan , Qasim Ali Khan, Sunehri Masjid and open places.

The people turned up at the congregations while donning facemasks because of the fourth wave of coronavirus which is spiking in various parts of the country.

Foolproof security was put in place and cops were deployed near mosques and Eidgahs and other parts.

In their sermons, the ulema and Khateebs prayed for the solidarity and integrity of the country.

The people sacrificed animals as per Islamic teachings and sought forgiveness from Allah Almighty implored him for His blessings.

The Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar staff remained busy throughout the three days of the festival by lifting the animal wastes and dumping the same at the designated spots.

The children turned to Gor Khatri, Wazir Bagh, City Circular Road and other places to have entertainment.

The families reached the Chacha Younas Family Park at Panj Teerath for recreation as the only park for the women, Pardah Bagh is undergoing renovation work and is yet to be opened to the public.

The weather on Eidul Azha remained pleasant as the city and other parts of KP received rains at intervals that provided much-needed relief to the people.