Saturday November 27, 2021

Unilever collaborates with KMC to set up a public space for plastic awareness

July 17, 2021

KARACHI: Unilever Pakistan has collaborated with the Parks & Horticulture Department, KMC to set up a public space at Frere Gardens to create awareness about plastic recycling in Pakistan.

Unilever Pakistan has set itself the target to collect, recycle and repurpose more plastic than it produces by 2030. The public space is set up as part of the continuing effort to recycle and repurpose plastic to reduce waste and give plastic a second life. The Public Space includes a play area and benches for the people of Karachi, which have been made from over 2,500 kilos of recycled plastic. This plastic was collected as part of Unilever’s ongoing commitment to recycle two million kilos of plastic across Pakistan in 2021.

Administrator Karachi Laeeq Ahmed said infrastructure improvement works were being carried out in the city with the coordination of civil society and welfare organizations. Tree plantation campaign was successfully going on in Karachi and thousands of saplings had been planted in parks and around major roads. Along with repair and maintenance of roads, streetlights are made functional to light up main corridors. The Administrator thanked Unilever Pakistan for setting up a public space at Frere Gardens to create awareness about plastic recycling in Pakistan.

Mr Taha Saleem, Director General, Parks and Horticulture Department, KMC, said, “the step taken by Unilever Pakistan will help recycle plastic in the city.” He thanked the Unilever team for making it happen in Karachi.

Mr Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO, Unilever Pakistan highlighted, “Unilever Pakistan is fully committed towards reducing the impact of plastic waste and building a circular economy through bold, consistent and rigorous action. We aim to collect more plastic than we produce and make our packaging material sustainable.