Saturday November 27, 2021

Shalobar tribe seeks action against those hampering coal mining activities

July 14, 2021

BARA: The Shalobar tribe has asked the government to take action against the influential people who were creating problems for those who had secured the lease of coalmines in Tirah valley. Speaking at a press conference, Kaptan Afridi, Sahib Afridi, Rafiq Afridi and others said that they signed coal mine lease agreement with elders of the Shalobar tribe in 2016. They added after completing legal requirements, the government issued a work order but now some vested interests had started threatening the elders belonging to the Shalobar tribe.

“After spending millions of rupees as coal was extracted from the mountains of Donga and Lindawar areas in Shlobar but now some vested interests elements were creating problems,” Kaptan Afridi said.

He said they had approached the elders after a public meeting under the supervision of the district administration and the Minerals Department had inspected the area and submitted a report to the authorities.

They asked District Police Officer Waseem Riaz and Deputy Commissioner Arshad Mansoor to take action against the elements with vested interests.