Saturday September 25, 2021

Career counselling: questions and answers

Q1: Dear sir, my software engineering degree is going to be completed next year. After that I am willing to get higher education from a foreign country. I am getting confused as my relatives and friends are saying that I should go to Australia for this purpose. Sir, please, can you advise I would be able to do work? I look forward to your answer and guidance. Regards. (Subhan Jatoi, Karachi)

A: Dear Subhan, please, note that the degree which you are studying is going to equip you with the academic skills and knowledge relevant to computing science. There are a number of choices you can consider for specialization at master’s level like software development and programming, Internet and network security, big data, games development, etc. Please, note that if you do further studies in above mentioned subjects you will have opportunities to settle down legally after you successfully complete your degree. This is allowed to only those students who successfully complete their degrees and not to the students who leave their studies or get failed, etc. You can also check other destinations like Germany, Canada, etc.

Q2: Sir, I completed my 4 years Hons degree in philosophy in 2018. I secured 2.75 CGPA. After that I tried to pass CSS examination but was not successful. Please, note that my English was also not good. There is another problem. I have about 2 years gap and in 2020 I also did a 6 months course in computer science, 2 months import export course and 4 months Chinese basic language course from Punjab University. Now I want to do a job related to administrative field. I will appreciate your guidance about field selection. As far as my knowledge is concerned, I think philosophy doesn’t have good career prospects in our country. (Abdul Mujeeb Abbasi, Rawalpindi)

A: Dear Abbasi, you were right in making decision of attempting and doing CSS. However, let me tell you that you have to do extremely well in English before you attempt it again. Moreover, I would suggest you do MBA if you have interest in doing administrative or management job which you can do whilst you are doing work I mean evening classes/executive MBA. This will help you understand and learn about more areas of business, import export, marketing, and human resource, etc.

Q3: I need guidance for my professional/future career. I did two-year bachelor’s with mass communication and political science. Kindly, suggest if I should select LLB or a master’s programme after this? (Jamal Durrani, KPK)

A: Dear Mr Durrani, I have gone through your previous study history, I advise you that law and political science are very best choices. As you are from KPK, you can set up your own practice in this region/province as soon as you complete your degree in political science you would start understanding issues of social and political nature in KPK. Moreover, you would be able to take up assignments in public and private sector if you want to start your career. You can join politics in KPK as well to represent it in the Federation.

Q4: Sir, I am doing MBA from Virtual University. After completion of 3 semesters my CGPA is 3.76 with majors in Finance. I am in my last semester which is the fourth semester. I have been working as an accountant in Lahore. Previously I did B.Com and MBA and I also passed D.Com. Now I am willing to do MS/MPhil in Finance after successful completion of my MBA. Can you please advise me the intuition in Pakistan or foreign countries which are offering online or distance learning MS or M Phil degrees other than Virtual University. This is due to my job as I cannot attend regular classes. Secondly, please, guide either I should study MS or MPhil? (Khaleeq Naeem Butt, Lahore)

A: Dear Khaleeq, don’t worry as you have simple/clear career path when you get your MBA completed. I suggest you doing 2 or 3 years job to gain practical/work experience before you start your further qualification/study. Try to learn more about finance and then decide which area relevant to finance is more attracted to you as studying MPhil means you are planning to do research degree which requires research thesis. This shows intention of doing PhD? But on the other hand, if you are not interested in doing a PhD, then best choice is you should study MS with Finance or Banking and Finance.