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Highest temperature since 1947: Karachi sizzles at 43.6°C

By Our Correspondent
April 04, 2021

KARACHI: The Karachiites braved the hottest day on Saturday when the mercury rose to 43.6 degrees Celsius, nearing the 74 year record of April 1947, which was 44.4 C.

The Met department said the sizzling weather conditions developed due to the influence of dry continental air that followed a westerly disturbance in Pakistan. According to Sardar Sarfraz, Sindh’s chief meteorological officer, the highest ever temperature recorded in Karachi in April was 44.4°C on April 14, 1947, and the mercury never rose as high as 43.6°C in the city until Saturday. He blamed the suspension of sea breeze for Karachi’s hot weather.

Interestingly, the Met officials also observed a wide divergence in Pakistan’s weather on Saturday: on the one hand Karachi recorded the highest temperature of April since 1947, and on the other, a slight cold spell gripped the country’s upper region. They blamed the dry continental air for the extreme divergence.

Sarfraz said that Karachi’s temperature will start dropping from Sunday, when the mercury is likely to remain between 37°C and 38°C, adding that the temperature will drop further to 35°C or 36°C on Monday. “But a weak western disturbance is on the horizon. It will affect the upper parts of the country, but when it passes, it will bring more hot days for the southern parts, including Karachi.”

Regarding the expected weather situation in Ramazan, he said that Karachi’s temperature usually remains hot in April and May, but nothing can be predicted about the city’s weather with precision; under the influence of the changing winds, it can become either very hot and humid or hot and dry.