Thursday December 02, 2021

Gill says PTI election stolen in Wazirabad

February 21, 2021

WAZIRABAD: PM’s Special Assistant on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill alleged the election of the PTI was stolen in Wazirabad, however, the Election Commission would be requested to hold inquiry in this connection.

Addressing a press conference Saturday here at the residence of PTI candidate Ch Muhammad Yousaf, the SAPM also alleged that PML-N used negative tactics to win the by-election as its MPAs with ballots bags were roaming with impunity on city roads on the day of by-election.

He also alleged that N-League workers also besieged the Election Commission office in Wazirabad, even hooliganism was carried out in a women polling booth.

He was confident that PTI was gaining popularity in rural areas, adding that farmers and working class stood by the PTI government as the incumbent government had given better rates of their sugarcane, wheat crops and other produce. The government was also taking steps for the prosperity of labourers, he added.

Shahbaz Gill invited opposition parties to support electoral reforms to ensure transparency in elections.

Talking to media Saturday, he suggested the leadership of the PML-N to avoid violent politics and start fair politics in the country. He said there was now no chance of horse-trading in Senate polls. He asked the opposition parties to support the efforts of the PTI to hold open ballot Senate elections for ensuring transparency in polls. ’s popularity was increasing and hoped that it would win the next general elections to be held in 2023. He said the government had provided tractors to farmers on low mark-up besides taking other initiatives for them.