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Istanbul peace moot concludes: Pakistan stresses joint efforts for peace, prosperity

February 18, 2021

LAHORE:A two-day international conference on peace organised by the Lahore Centre for Peace Research (LCPR) in partnership with Turkey’s Centre for Diplomatic Affairs and Political Studies (DIPAM) concluded at Istanbul, Turkey on Wednesday.

Delegates from several countries, including Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan participated in the conference. The conference focused on peace and cooperation among Pakistan, Turkey and Central Asian countries. It also emphasised the importance of cultural, economic, political and academic linkages between them.

Addressing the conference, CM’s adviser Dr Salman Shah stated that there exists an adequate legal and institutional basis for further integration of the region starting from Pakistan and across Afghanistan, Iran, the states of Central Asia and Turkey.

The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) framework provides a basis to cooperate in the fields of economy, technology and culture among others, Dr Shah maintained and said that the initiatives like CPEC have provided the physical infrastructure necessary for the realisation of long-term objectives of regional integration. “We want to work together in search of peace and prosperity,” he asserted.

DIPAM Chairman Dr Tolga Sakman, who also led the Turkish side, said, “We have to learn from each other to be partners in peace.” He called for cooperation at all levels among Turkey, Pakistan, and the Central Asian nations in education, health, economic, political, and security areas.

Referring to Kashmir and Nagorno-Karabakh, he stated that Turkey, Pakistan and friendly countries in Central Asia “are going to make great contributions in the new era” of the world order.

“Hopefully, this conference acts as a platform where different visions will be shared and worked upon,” he added. Dr Esra Hatipoglu, Chairperson of DIPAM Advisory Board, said that the pandemic has highlighted that the cooperation in healthcare was of utmost importance for the countries of Central Asia and beyond.

No country is able to face the changes like COVID-19 crisis and environmental challenges alone, former ambassador Aydin Nuhan said and added that the Central Asia, Turkey and Pakistan must not forget their common history and culture. Stressing the need for increased people-to-people contact, he said, “We need a collective effort to put the region together.”