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65pc Pakistanis happy despite current difficulties: survey

By News Desk
December 31, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Majority Pakistanis (65 percent) say they are happy with their life despite economic difficulties and coronavirus pandemic, according to a latest survey by Gallup Pakistan.

The survey conducted between October 09 to November 02 and participated by over 1,000 respondents revealed that 25 percent Pakistanis are unhappy in the current situation, while 8 percent are in between. The net score of happiness in Pakistan is 40 percent, according to the survey.

The survey shows that the net score of happiness in Pakistan was the highest at 71 percent during the tenure of the PML-N i.e. 2016. It reduced to 48 percent in 2017, increased to 65 percent in 2019 and reduced to 40 percent in 2020.

If Pakistan’s situation is compared to surveys in 46 countries, then it can be concluded that 54 percent people globally were seen happy, 14 percent were unhappy, while 31 percent have mixed views.

In Pakistan’s neighbouring countries, 64 percent Indians say they are happy, while this ratio in Afghanistan stands at 48 percent.

According to Gallup findings, Kyrgyzstan was found to be the happiest country with 85 percent score, followed by Kazakhstan with 78 percent score, Colombia and Ecuador 77 percent each, Azerbaijan 76 percent and Nigeria 70 percent. In unhappiest countries, Macedonia was on top with -3 score.