Friday December 03, 2021

IIU rector calls for countering Islamophobia

November 06, 2020

Islamabad: International Islamic University (IIU) Rector Professor Dr. Masoom Yasinzai Thursday called for devising comprehensive plans to propagate true picture of Islam in order to counter Islamophobia.

Addressing a seminar on ‘Islamophobia: causes and possible solutions,’ organised by Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD), IIU rector said social and electronic media can be very useful instruments to overcome Islamophobia. IIU rector stressed upon the Western countries to frame unbiased curriculum that must present a clear picture of various cultures and religions. “World can get rid of terrorism and extremism by promoting tolerance and respect in the societies,” he continued.

He added that Islam was a religion of peace and it was a practical example of tolerance, peace and tranquility. Talking about the challenges and stereotypes, Dr. Masoom said western media hegemony does not allow the people who have really experienced Islam and have positive views about Muslims. He said specific elements are behind negative propagation of Islam and they disseminate misperceptions about it.

“I can safely say that those who hate Muslims, hate them because they do not know them” said IIU Rector. He added that if they understand Islam and its true message, they will change their mind. Dr. Masoom opined that Islamophobia is a kind of terrorism and it was promoting violence against Muslim in the west.

The seminar was also addressed by Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, vice president IIU, who hailed the effort of IRD saying that the seminar will be an opportunity for the intellectuals to devise strategies to overcome the issue of Islamophobia.