Tuesday October 26, 2021

Group art show brings Pakistan, Morocco together

October 05, 2020

LAHORE:The Art for Art international group show curated by Muhammed Waris of Oyster Art Gallery, Lahore, and Moroccan international artist painter and writer Khira Jalil has brought Pakistan and Morocco together.

Activation of the work contract concluded between the international artist painter and writer Khira Jalil and Gallery Oyster in Lahore, Pakistan, and within the framework of its efforts of the gallery’s director, Muhammad Waris, the Art’s Wings Forum for peace and development and creativity organised this Internationally applauded mega event with the moral support of the group of partners, Moroccan Voice Radio1, in New York, the US, the "Meet Friends" channel in Boston, the US, The Emtidad Foundation in Boston, and Bidawa United Channel, across the world, a big virtual collective art exhibition at the online gallery Oyster that brings together professional international artists from all continents under the slogan: "Art for Art."

The artists from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America challenge the constraints of the Covid-19 and try to make art the only language of the world. Morocco as a kingdom takes professional and responsible art within the framework of introducing Moroccan art under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI so that we know about it artistically and internationally especially between the countries of Latin America, Southeast Asia and Australia, which the organisers rarely care about.

This exhibition, in turn, not only links Morocco and Pakistan. It will introduce our territorial unity in the community within the framework of parallel diplomacy. It will also highlight the multiplicity of our heritage and our multi-dialect cultural heritage and the artistic and historical tributaries, and demonstrate its cultural richness through the ages within the framework of active and responsible citizenship.

Through this grand initiative in the domain of fine arts, we also come to know the Moroccan and the world artistic product international.

Its pertinent to note that Muhammed Waris of the Oyster have been selected in Ecuador and as a peace ambassador, all the art of Pakistan going to be represented by Waris in Morocco, Turkey and the UK and Spain with his sponsors in these countries to keep the national flag high.