Monday December 06, 2021

Elders demand action against drug peddlers, criminals

September 23, 2020

CHARSADDA: The elders of Hassankhel tribe on Tuesday asked the police high-ups to take action against the drug peddlers and criminals or else they would raise lashkar and attack their hideouts in the district.

Speaking at a press conference, Ameer Zada aka Doctor and others said that the elders of Hassankhel tribe had recently held a jirga and decided that strict action would be taken against drugs peddling in their area. He said that the elders went to the hujra of Abid Khan, who is also an activist of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, and asked him that some elements in his hujra were selling narcotics and the youth of the area were being addicted. They said Abid promised that action would be taken against such elements but later sent a hired assassin to kill them for raising voice against drug pushing. The elders claimed the hired assassin was arrested and handed over to the Prang police and a case was registered against the criminal. They said that an organised criminal gang was always present in the hujra of Abid but the police hesitated to take action against them.

Ameer Zada and other elders said Abid, Waheed Khan, Attaullah alias Attagay along with other gunmen attacked their house and opened indiscriminate fire on the inmates on September 3 last. They said one Badiuzzaman was killed from their side in the firing while the attackers shot dead their own driver Ajmal to make it a cross case. The elders appealed to the high-ups of police to take action against the criminals or else they would raise armed lashkar to take action against them.