Wednesday December 01, 2021

Three more test positive for Covid-19 in Nowshera

August 01, 2020

NOWSHERA: Another three persons tested positive for the coronavirus in the district, taking the number of confirmed patients to 912, officials said on Friday. Officials said that up to 840 people had recovered from the viral infection while 25 patients were still under treatment.

District Health Officer Dr Gulman Shah and District Coronavirus Control Centre In-charge Dr Saeed Khan Paracha said that so far the tests of 3,552 people were conducted in Nowshera district out of whom 2342 tested negative for Covid-19.

They said that 10 people recovered from the disease, taking the number of the recovered people to 840 in the district. A total of 51 people has died from the coronavirus in Nowshera. The officials asked the people to observe the social distancing rules and avoid crowded places and going outside unnecessarily during the Eid days to help contain the spread of the contagious disease.