Thursday September 23, 2021

Chaos list

August 01, 2020

This refers to the editorial, 'Constant choas' ( July 31). The editorial has rightly pointed out the choas prevailing in the PTI ranks that is further deepening with the passage of time. Frequent changes brought in top management positions like the FBR, chief secretaries, IG Police and other secretaries has sent alarming signals that things are not shaping well. Now we find two very close SAPMs tendering their resignations amidst a pandemic; that is not a healthy sign. No one resigns from such lucrative positions; the government asks for a resignation as no one would like to face termination. Frequent changes, postings and transfers adds to instability and weakens institutions. What has been observed is that the prime minister is all open to suggestions and detailed deliberations but takes his own decisions and shows no flexibility whatsoever and overrules everything.

As rightly pointed out, the list is fairly long. There will be more casualties in the near future that would add to more confusion and uncertainties and is likely to hinder the agenda conceived by IK. But sooner or later the PM will have to rely on his own homegrown team instead of on imported talent if he wants to win the battle. It is his good luck that the opposition is disunited and the field is open to get a proper foothold.

Mukhtar Ahmed