Monday November 29, 2021

My speech as per Quaid's vision, Constitution: Kh Asif

July 15, 2020

LAHORE: PML-N National Assembly Parliamentary Leader Khwaja Asif has said his speech in the parliament was in accordance with Quaid-i-Azam's vision and the rights granted to the minorities by the Constitution of Pakistan.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said: “My entire speech was in the context of Pakistan’s Constitution which grants equal rights to all citizens of Pakistan irrespective of their religion, faith and ethnicity. Islam is the perfect religion and final message of God Almighty through his last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The primacy of our religion is the corner stone of every Muslim’s belief. Trying to misinterpret his statements, narrating them out of context for political gains is irresponsible and wrong.”

He pointed out that Quaid-i-Azam's speeches serve as a guiding principle in this regard. Muslims were being persecuted as a minority, prior to Partition. Consequently, the two-nation theory evolved. He said he supports the rights of the minorities as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan. “It is our responsibility to represent the minorities also because we have a joint electorate where everyone votes in the general elections. Islam teaches us to protect all people irrespective of class, colour and creed. Furthermore, Islam makes it imperative upon us to raise our voice against injustice and inequality without any fear.” He thanked those who understood his statement and defended him at various forums.