Wednesday November 29, 2023

Food distributed

June 25, 2020

Islamabad: In the midst of pandemic, as the number of reported cases and deaths rise in the twin cities, Who is Hussain? Islamabad-Rawalpindi, an independently-run social organisation, aims to target those who have lost jobs, along with the front-line medical staff.

The team has distributed food supplies amongst nearly 400 families in the last two months under its global 40 Neighbors Campaign and has distributed sanitisers, masks, gloves and PPE kits among the medical teams of various local hospitals, including PIMS. “Our idea was to provide for the families of those, specifically the daily wagers, who were left without any source of income as the country was on a strict lockdown,” explained Fizza Mukhtar, a volunteer.

“Our main goal is to inspire as many people as we can through the timeless example of Hussain-ibn-Ali.”, Fizza further added on, “We execute various activities to increase our reach and target every community, irrespective of their faith or religion.”