Saturday November 27, 2021

Hazara Division reports 38 fresh cases of coronavirus

May 29, 2020

ABBOTTABAD: Up to 38 new cases of Covid-19 were reported on Thursday from seven out of eight districts of the Hazara Division which increased the number to 587 whereas the death toll rose to 24.

According to the Divisional Situation Report, 38 new positive cases reported included 36 from Abbottabad and one each from Haripur and Mansehra. The Abbottabad district seems to be the highest number of corona positive cases which was 273 till the filing of this report. Most cases were reported from the urban area. Mansehra reported 131 cases, Haripur 94, Battagram 85, Torghar two, Upper Kohistan and Lower Kohistan one each. No case was reported from Kolai Palas district.

It has been learnt that 3277 suspected cases have been traced, including 82 new ones. There were 39 in Abbottabad, 18 in Mansehra, 14 in Haripur and 11 in Battagram district. Out of these reports of 345 cases were still pending. According to official data 280 patients had recovered which included 84 in Abbottabad, 99 in Mansehra, 42 in Haripur, 51 in Battagram, two in Torghar and one each in upper & lower Kohistan districts.

The report stated that 24 deaths had been reported in Hazara. These included 13 in Abbottabad, six in Mansehra, two in Haripur and three in the Battagram district. It was pointed out that a total 1,066 patients had been quarantined at homes out of which 382 were later de-quarantined while 32 patients were kept isolated at various facilities. The official report said 68 per cent male and 32 per cent female patients were declared Covid-19 positive.

Of them 422 had mild symptoms, 165 were asymptomatic while 32 patients needed hospitalisation. It was also pointed out that 22 doctors, 13 nurses, six paramedics and five other health-care staff were infected with the coronavirus. Out of these six doctors and one paramedic and a nurse had recovered.

Abbottabad District Health Officer Dr Faisal Khanzada, when contacted, told The News that 36 new positive cases had been traced in the Abbottabad district increasing the total number to 273. He said that 506 suspected cases were screened at different locations whereas 1118 at the Ayub Teaching Hospital.