Friday December 03, 2021

NA, Senate sessions on June 5

May 27, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The opposition in the National Assembly will cease the right to put up any motion of no trust against the government from June 12, the day national budget will be placed in the house till the adoption of budget proposals by end of the month.

The session has already been summoned to meet on June 5 by the President. Well-placed Parliamentary sources told The News here on Tuesday that government has prepared extensive agenda for the upcoming sessions of the National Assembly and Senate which will be commencing on the same day.

The two houses are meeting amid atmosphere of heightened tension between government and opposition due to several issues while coronavirus spreading on the unprecedented pace besides fast deterioration in the economy which has caused widespread enhancing disquiet. The sources said that opposition has made up its mind to give tough time to the government on account of its various actions. The government has made legislation through Presidential ordinances in recent weeks that is permissible in case of urgency, but the opposition is alleging that the government is undertaking normal legislation through the ordinances which is disrespect for the democratic order and Parliament.

Speaker Asad Qaisar, who became victim of corona last month, couldn’t chair the proceedings of the National Assembly session concluded early this month but he will spearhead the house in the important session where number of events would be unfold. The pandemic of corona would be top on the agendas for discussion since the opposition believes that government failure in handling the coronavirus is faulty as the government has failed in putting in place effective check against the pandemic in the country. The opposition will ask for the details of government policy for controlling the corona. It would be second in person session of the two houses separately after the coronavirus outbreak where the crash of the PIA plane in Karachi on May 22 and enhancing of Railways accidents would be agitated through adjournment motions. The NAB activities will also become harsh scrutiny of the opposition while some members from the ruling alliance have also planned to join opposition in taking on the NAB, the sources said. Leader of the House/Prime Minister and Leader of opposition in the National Assembly, both were absent from the previous session of the two houses, but the sources pointed out that this time both have planned to turn up in the session.

The two houses will also take up legislation business in their respective sessions being initiated by the government. The business will be transacted in the first week of the session before the budget proposals to be presented by the government. Some business may be taken up in the last week of next month, the sources hinted.

The members will be asked to follow the instructions for their safety from the coronavirus during the session. Like previous sessions the members and officials will have to pass through the checking for virus. The visitors and guests of the members will not be allowed to enter the Parliament House and the galleries will be kept empty. However, the media representatives will be allowed to perform their functions. The SOP will be adhered in stricter manner during the upcoming sessions, the sources said.