Saturday August 20, 2022

Foreign Service official sacked for sexual harassment

May 08, 2020

ISLAMABAD: A senior official of the Foreign Service of Pakistan was dismissed from the job on Thursday after being found in serious breach of discipline during the discharge of his duties. According to a notification issued by the Foreign Office the dismissed official was identified as Waqar Ahmed who had been posted as the First Secretary of the Embassy of Pakistan in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Ahmed reportedly sexually harassed a member of the cleaning staff at the Embassy. According to details released by the FO Ahmed also threatened the staff member and had them dismissed from the job.

The FO said that Ahmed acted in a gravely inappropriate manner was in breach of the ethical norms that apply to Pakistani officials and abused his power as an officer thereby being liable for dismissal. Waqar Ahmad a BS-18 officer was charged with gross misconduct conduct unbecoming of an officer and gentleman conduct prejudicial to good order and service discipline, the notification by the FO read. He was charged with sexual harassment of local-based cleaner messenger abuse of authority creating hostile environment and unlawful termination of a local based employee, it added. Having found Waqar Ahmad guilty of above charges Foreign Secretary has imposed a major penalty of removal from service with immediate effect, it noted.

It is highly unusual for an officer from the FSP to be dismissed from the job as international laws protect officers serving at missions or embassies in host countries.

However, if the government of the country to which the officer belongs receives any complaint the concerned ministry within the government is tasked with conducting an investigation into the matter.