Friday September 24, 2021

Teleschool best way to impart education amid lockdown: Arif Alvi

April 24, 2020

Islamabad : President Dr Arif Alvi on Thursday said that the teleschool was the best and easiest way to impart education to the students in the critical time of COVID-19.

Speaking during a visit to a teleschool project here at Islamabad College for Girls, F-6, he said the provision of distance education through teleschool would help the children to save their precious time and continue their studies regularly.

During the visit, the president, who was accompanied by First Lady Begum Samina Alvi, was given a briefing about the functioning of the teleschool, curriculum and other matters.

Dr Alvi observed that the teleschool project was an important project, which would enable the students to get education from home in the current lockdown situation.

Through the online education, the students could fully grasp the lectures, which was not possible for them in the classroom.

He said in the present lockdown situation, the world had gone ahead of the distance education.

It was also necessary to gauge as to how much the children were learning from the online education, and how it would help them save their time, he stressed.

President Alvi appreciated the steps taken by the government to bring improvement in the education sector. It was a matter of satisfaction that the provinces had also been taken on board on the matter.

He said the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training was striving to provide tele-education to the children in the critical situation, which was need of the hour. He appreciated the officials of ministry, and the teachers and other staff of Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) in provision of distance education in the country.

The AIOU, he said, had already been providing distance education, however, a new era had started in the country with the provision of education through teleschool.

All cloud computing had been at hand for the children under the system from where they could download their lectures while the parents could also assist them in the study.

The president said according to survey conducted in California, the children learnt better from distance education than schools.

He desired for a system of distance education in Pakistan as it was an important way to educate the children, he added.

Earlier, Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood briefed the president about the teleschool project.

He said the project would be further improved as a mechanism was being developed to get the feedback of teachers and students. He said the entire nation was united against the COVID-19.