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Oppressed Kashmiris calling for justice from UN secretary general


February 17, 2020

I welcome H E Antonio Guterres on historic visit of the UN to Pakistan, I feel that the role of UN in resolving the ever-lingering conflicts of Kashmir has reached to a critical juncture of history where the whole world has declared it as dangerous conflict between the two Nuclear states. There are many growing international conflicts and never-ending problems of terrorism, extremism and terror financing have become heavy burden on UN, but the Kashmir dispute is highly chargeable hence, I draw the kind attention of the visiting top most leadership of UN that it should be resolved on priority basis.

I call upon the UN chief to review the previous UN-sponsored fact-finding missions for Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir and set the direction of peace process that the UN had initiated at this front. I must say that Indian premier Narendra Modi after unlawfully annexing the disputed region Kashmir has been constantly stoking communal hatred in the multicultural fabric India. I must state that the Indian government is acting totally inhuman by locking down the disputed state of Kashmir.

It is worrying to see that the silence of the world community over Indian atrocities had reached to the deafening level. “BJP-led Indian government has threatened the very existence of minorities while bringing in a very discriminatingly controversial amendment in Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which has already sparked nation-wide protest in India.” It is a brain child of PM Modi, who is known to be anti-Muslim as he has already been given title in India as the Butcher of Gujarat.

I would like to bring in to the consideration of Secretary General UNO, Mr Antonio Guterres that there are numerous conflicts going on in the world like Palestine, Houthis insurgency in Yemen, Rohingyan Muslims in Myanmar, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Daesh, nuclear war issue between North Korea and USA and cold war between China and USA whereas the most immediate attention is required on IO Kashmir.

I, however, would like to once again draw the kind attention of His Excellency Mr Antonio Guterres, Secretary General, UNO, to the most dangerous conflict in this region which can lead to nuclear war. Kashmir issue lies with the UNSC since 1948.

The extremism is in full swing in India and particularly Muslims are the target of extremism of Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has recently announced Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration of Citizen (NRC), which are discriminatory laws and against the interfaith harmony and UN charter of human rights.

The special status of Kashmir has been scrapped in violation of the UNSC Resolution No47, adopted on April 21,1948, for giving a chance to the oppressed Kashmir for self-determination. The “Karachi Agreement” duly signed by the two parties in 1949 which was duly supervised/countersigned by the UN observers needs to be re-activated to stop cease-fire violations at the border by Indian forces.

It will also be in the interest of peace to stop further escalation between Indian and Pakistan. The Secretary General UNSC is requested to consider the deployment of United Nations observers on both sides of the border to keep the mandatory check on any violations on LOC.

Mr Secretary General, may I to remind you and draw your kind attention to 198th day of inhuman curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir in sheer violation of the human rights charter and the crimes against humanity by Indian Troops under the directives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is continuously killing innocent Muslims in Kashmir. I would like to request you kindly consider to constitute a highly power Inquiry Commission of the UNO to enquire into the brutalities of Indian government in Kashmir in the interest of the greater cause of humanity.

I would like to appreciate International Court of Justice for listening the voice of Rohingyan Muslims who are the victims of Myanmar government and have been dispensed justice by the ICJ under your command and let’s hope that the decision of ICJ is implemented by the Myanmar authorities.

It will be a great step if proceedings may also be initiated by the ICJ against the Indian government for brutalities against Kashmiri Muslims as ordered by you Mr Secretary General to give relief to the Kashmiris and help in resolving this long outstanding burning conflict between Indian and Pakistan as South Asia is literally placed on a volcano which can erupt any time and hence it needs to be resolved with your ability and mandate.

It is a day light fact that India Indian Army is committing the war crimes against oppressed Kashmiris in terms of mass murdering, mass graving, mass blinding through pelleting, rapes, tortures, enforced disappearances, political repression and locking down of the whole valley through strict curfew.

According to the reports of Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) dated 14th June, 2018 and 8th July, 2019, so far more than 94,000 Kashmiris have been killed, 7,000 persons have been killed in Indian custody, 22,000 women have been widowed, 105,000 children have been orphaned and 10,000 women have been raped and molested by Indian military and paramilitary troops since 1989. More than 8,000 people have gone missing in enforced disappearances by Indian forces since 1989. These extracts are from an official report from the human rights commission.

I have emphasised time and again in my articles and in my two books on Kashmir titled as (i) “Modi’s War Doctrine – Indian Anti-Pakistan Syndrome” and (ii) “Bleeding Kashmir – Oppressed Kashmiris! Waiting for Justice and Plebiscite” have strongly proposed the following steps to be taken on Kashmir issue at International diplomatic and legal fronts:--Your Excecllecy May I appeal to kindly consider to take action under your direct command on the following points to get relief to oppressed Kashmiris

1. To appoint a Plebiscite Administrator in Kashmir and fix a date for plebiscite as per the resolutions of UNSC as there is no further voting required in UN for this matter. This action is stuck in your good office and you are sole authority to order the date of self-determination.

2. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) may be directed to investigate the reasons of delay in implementation of UNSC resolutions regarding the right of self-determination and fix the responsibility with the directions to initiate the process of plebiscite in Kashmir as mentioned above.

3. To appoint a commissioner of inquiry under UN Charter to investigate into the ongoing crimes against humanity and human rights violations by Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

4. To initiate case against the Prime Minister Modi in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) based on the report of office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) dated 14th June, 2018 and 8th July, 2019 as these reports have enough materials for the trial of Prime Minister Modi and his accomplices involved in crimes against humanity and genocide.

5. To initiate case against Indian government and Prime Minister Modi in International Criminal Court (ICC) under Rome Statute to bring them to justice through trial as war criminals based on the available evidence and as per reports of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) as referred above.

Mr Secretary General, I, therefore, request you once again to please initiate a case against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his accomplices for their crimes against humanity / genocide in Indian Occupied Kashmir in International Court of Justice (ICJ) & in International Criminal Court (ICC) under Rome Statute.

I would also like to draw your kind attention towards Daish, which is becoming a major problem for the world. I have elaborated the emergence of Daish and its long term agenda in the world in my book “Daish--A Rising Monster World-Wide”.

The importance and the role of SG is becoming more important and difficult with growing international conflicts and non- ending problems, extremism, terrorism, money laundering and bilateral conflicts resulting into wars. Oppressed Kashmiris are looking towards your this visit to Pakistan with a hope to have your directions for removal of curfew.

Also the action on above points will give great confidence to the Kashmiris, who are voicing for their rights for the last 70 years but their voice is going unheard while your visit here has brought some hope for them. It’s a matter of great pride for us to have you amongst us, and we wish you success in your noble mission to keep the world peaceful.

The writer is former Interior Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior and Chairman of Think Tank "Global Eye". He can be reached at: [email protected] and Twitter @Senrehmanmalik