Saturday December 02, 2023

Miandad slams Shahzad over doping

By Our Correspondent
June 22, 2018

LAHORE: Pakistani batsman Ahmed Shahzad came under heavy criticism from former Pakistan cricket captain Javed Miandad for failing his dope test.

The former cricketer, in a television interview said that the team does not consist of under-19 and under-15 cricketers who don’t know what medicines they are taking.“They have been playing cricket from the start and they are senior players,” he said.

Miandad stressed the fact that cricketers should consult with their doctors before taking medicines.“Sometimes players make mistakes but they are informed by the cricket board about the medicines,” he added.

“The doctors can only come to know about the chemicals in the mixture after testing and reading the report of the medicines.”In cricket and many cricketers, such as Shane Warne, Ian Botham and others, have been suspended for using drugs to enhance their skills.