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Imran holds rallies, should prove allegations in courts: Shahbaz

September 22, 2017

DERA GHAZI KHAN/MUZAFFARGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Thursday said Imran Khan was used to levelling allegations in rallies but he should prove his corruption accusations in courts.

The chief minister not only challenged Imran to prove the corruption allegations in public projects but also dared him to appear before the court in the cases under way against him. He was addressing public gatherings in DG Khan and Muzaffargarh in connection with the groundbreaking of Dera Ghazi Khan-Muzaffargarh dual carriageway. The project to expand the 55-km road would be completed a cost of Rs13.38 billion.

The chief minister also announced metro bus service in Dera Ghazi Khan, establishment of kidney and cardiac wards in DG Khan Teaching Hospital, establishment of solid waste management company for DG Khan, dualisation of 90 kilometres long Muzaffargarh-Head Punjnad Road and a campus of Bahauddin Zakariya University in Muzaffargarh.

Shahbaz criticised Imran for his U-turns on various issues and said “A person, who contradicts his own self within hours and doesn’t even have any concrete stance on any issue, touts of being a public leader.”

The chief minister said when dengue attacked Punjab, Niazi Sahib [Imran] had termed Nawaz Sharif and him as ‘dengue brothers.’  “He gave this certificate to us in 2011 but I am least concerned about it. Now this epidemic has attacked Peshawar. We pray that may Almighty Allah save the people of Peshawar from this epidemic soon.”

When dengue attacked Peshawar, Imran moved to the mountains instead of standing with the people as it appeared that he had no pain for the common people, he noted.

Shahbaz said the political opponents were claiming that there was big corruption. “When they alleged that I have had taken Rs27 billion as bribe from a person Javed Sadiq, then I sent notice to Khan Sahib which he did not respond. Later, Niazi Sahib said I have offered Rs10 billion bribe to save the family of Nawaz Sharif. Upon this, I sent notice to him but he did not respond to it nor did Khan Sahib appear before the court.

“If Khan Sahib is championing the cause of saving the national wealth from looters, then I challenge him to give proof of any corruption, even worth a single penny, in the court of law against me. If Khan Sahib is such a champion, then he should give reply to my notice too but he did not give any reply. The reply to the baseless allegation of offering bribe worth 10 billion rupees is still pending and Khan Sahib is avoiding the court,” said the chief minister. “With these facts in front of them, it is now up to the people to decide whether Imran deserves the title of a public leader,” he said.

He said although the dual carriageway was an NHA project, the provincial government was providing funds for the project. The Punjab government was working on improving road connectivity between southern and central Punjab. He said there would be no power loadshedding by the year-end, which was going to boost industrial and agricultural production.

“I still remember the days of flood when DG Khan, Rajanpur and other districts of southern Punjab were submerged in floodwater. And I visited these areas on vehicle, motorcycles and even by foot and made it to my brothers and sisters to help them.”

“When I moved into the area from Kot Sabzal to Mianwali, I realised what are the problems of southern Punjab and I made a promise to Allah that I shall not sit idle to take away the deprivations of southern Punjab.” He said if the people of Southern Punjab again gave the opportunity of service to the PML-N, they would try their best to bring DG Khan, Muzaffargarh and other districts of the southern Punjab at par with Lahore.  On the other hand, Shahbaz visited the Leghari House in Choti Zairin where he was accorded a warm welcome by Sardar Awais Leghari, Sardar Jamal Khan Leghari and others. Separately, the chief minister met the widow and other family members of martyred CTD Constable Javed Iqbal in Dera Ghazi Khan. He presented a cheque of financial grant worth Rs 10 million to the widow and announced provision of a house costing Rs 13.5 million.

Javed’s family will also get a seven-marla plot, job for one of his sons in police, monthly stipend of Rs 20,000 and full salary for the widow till the date of retirement of the martyred constable. Javed was gunned down by terrorists on August 31.