• PSF highlights role of science, technology

      November 16, 2016
      Print : Islamabad



      Role of science and technology in achieving national development goals was highlighted at an event organised by Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) in collaboration with Unesco to commemorate the World Science Day (WSD) 2016 on Tuesday.

      Officials and representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technology, PSF, Unesco, British Council Pakistan, French Embassy and representatives from academia and research institutions in Pakistan attended the event organised around this year’s theme ‘Museums and Science Centres as Source of Informal Education’.

      Federal Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology Fazal Abbas Maken was the chief guest on this occasion, while leading scientists Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed was the guest of honour.

      In his remarks, the Federal Secretary highlighted the importance of science and technology and said that the objective of World Science Day was to renew the national, as well as the international commitment to use science and technology for national development and achieving peace by appropriate use of its applications.

      He underlined the importance of the theme of WSD-2016, as declared by UNESCO “Museums and Science Centres as Source of Informal Education” and mentioned that creating knowledge and its applications by using science helped us to find solutions to today’s acute economic, social and environmental challenges to achieve sustainable development.

      He said science centres and museums are playing an important role in dissemination of scientific information. “These institutions have assumed the role of learning centres for students.” He stressed that a lot of work needs to be done to promote museum culture.

      UNESCO Representative to Pakistan Vibeke Jensen highlighted that Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) is crucial for inclusive and sustainable development. She underlined that science centres and museums’ are playing an important role in providing scientific information as well as opportunities for public participation and engagement. “In particular, science museums have the potential to mobilize students’ interest in science education through promoting concrete and hands on experiences that allow them to better appreciate the role of science in development,” she said.

      Dr. Ashfaq briefed the participants about his efforts for getting declared the World Science Day by the UNESCO. He said since 2001, the World Science Day is being celebrated all over the world every year.

      Chairman PSF Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf said that PSF is playing a key role in promotion of science education at different levels in the country. “It holds the honor of celebrating World Science Day every year to honor the efforts of Pakistani scientists and students working for the attainment of national goals, despite limited resources available to them,” he added.

      Dr. Ashraf informed the audience that PSF through its various programmes is striving to educate young children across the country about the basic scientific concepts and their applications through establishing Science Museums and Science Centres.

      Representatives of British Council Mr. Jim Booth and French Embassy Bussy also spoke on this occasion.

      At the end of the event, PSF Gold Medals, certificates and cash prizes were distributed among the winner students of Inter-Board Competitions and participants of London International Young Scientists Forum 2016 and Asian Science Camp-2016.  On this occasion the representatives of British Council and Pakistan Science Foundation also signed a letter of intent for collaboration between the two organisations.


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