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What should be the Kashmir Policy of Pakistan?


August 21, 2016

Kashmir policy of Pakistan can be described only in one sentence that the objective of this policy should be the achievement of aims, interests, progress, stability, peace and prosperity for the Muslims of Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Following facts should be kept in mind in this regard.

The Kashmir issue is the issue of faith, honour, freedom and political and cultural future of more than 10 million Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a part of the incomplete agenda of the division of the sub-continent. It is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. It is not only a border dispute between the two countries. So, it should be given great importance in our political priorities.

The Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir sacrificed a lot to revive this issue. Now, India and the other countries have to say that this issue must be resolved. But Pakistan, India and UN are also a stakeholder of this issue along with Kashmiris. It is the duty of Pakistan to raise the issue at every level as a stakeholder. This target can be achieved if we convince the world or through a freedom movement.

Pakistan should take a firm stand on the right of self- determination of Kashmiris according to the UN resolutions. This right of self-determination has only two options, namely affiliation with Pakistan or with India. Third option is nothing but a suicide, not only for Pakistan but also for the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is necessary that Pakistan should present its viewpoint with wisdom and courage. Pakistan should also make it clear that what type of relations, administration and self-adoption will exist between Pakistan and the state of Jammu and Kashmir. All these matters will be decided in accordance with the will of the people of Kashmir. The Clause of 257 of our Constitution is very clear and respects the will of the people.

Pakistan should support the Kashmiris completely without any hesitation. Pakistan has been making many sacrifices for 69 years. The Kashmiri youths are fighting for Kashmir and Pakistan. We cannot leave them alone. We should help them. We should try to compensate the atrocities of Indian Army.

The people and government of Pakistan as well as the people and government of Azad Kashmir have the great responsibility. The government of Azad Kashmir has forgotten its real mission like the government of Pakistan. It is the government of the whole valley. Its first and foremost duty is to liberate the Kashmir. That’s why it is regarded as a base camp. It is the need of the hour that the people and government of Azad Kashmir should participate actively in the movement irrespective of the political grouping. They should change their priorities and struggle hard for the freedom.

Government of Pakistan should understand that this aim cannot be obtained only with political and ambassadorial efforts. But this campaign is very important and its demands haven’t been fulfilled yet. Only some delegations are not sufficient. An extensive, organised and effective campaign should be launched in every part of the world. Our Foreign Ministry has been unsuccessful in this regard. It is very important to re-organise the Ministry for the freedom of Kashmir. Kashmir desk should be the most important desk. Kashmir cell should be established in every embassy. People who have knowledge and passion for Kashmir cause should be appointed there. In this way an international activity can be started.

To make all Pakistanis aware of Kashmir problem and to create passion for Jihad is an important part of this policy. Victory cannot be achieved without the participation of the whole nation. Jihad for Kashmir cause should be introduced in every school, college, university, city, town, village, madrassa, factory and bazaar. People should be invited to participate with money and life in it. Our nation has a great enthusiasm. But unfortunately, this enthusiasm has never been mobilised in an organised way.

The government of Pakistan should re-arrange its budget according to these priorities. The necessities of Jihad-e-Kashmir should be given utmost importance. The atomic progress, standing army and youths are also significant in this connection. There is a danger that when the situation in Kashmir will become uncontrollable for India, it will start a war against Pakistan. It is a part of Kashmir policy that we should be ready for war. We have learn a lesson from history that a nation who has been fearful of war lost its freedom and a nation who prepared itself for war kept its honour, faith and liberty. The former American president Nicolson has rightly said, “We should understand completely that if we avoid the use of power, it means that we our inviting our enemy to use its power against us.” He said, “Not only prepare yourself but also give message to your enemy that you are ready to use every type of power. This is the thing that will prevent your enemy from aggression. ” Henry Kiesinger has commented in another way. He said, “If we take the meaning of peace as to refrain from war and this thing becomes the main purpose of a nation or a collections of nations then remember that the international political system will depend on the most cruel and merciless country.” So, it is the best way to prepare for the war in order to face any act of aggression.

There are four effective methods to pressurise India. These four methods should be used with a carefully worked out planning. The movement of Kashmir should be helped a lot. So that the force in occupied Kashmir has to pay heavily and they become ready for a peaceful settlement of the issue. International community should be convinced and pressure should be increased to such an extent that India will find itself compelled for the right of self-determination. If France has to leave Algeria, UN has to give right of self-determination in Namibia and 300 years old racial discrimination has to be abolished in South Africa, India can also be compelled for the right of self-determination.

Referendums were held in South Sudan, Eastern Timor and in North Ireland in the previous 20 years. South Sudan and Eastern Timor have become independent states. North Ireland has signed an agreement of Good Friday and all elements have been running the government for 15 years. A referendum was held in Quebec a region of Canada and in Scotland in Briton. Though it was decided not to establish new states. England has also held a referendum to leave the European Union and decided to leave the Union. It will be acted upon in the next two years. If referendum can be held in all these countries according to international law then why not in Kashmir? There are 20 resolutions of UN on Kashmir, the pledges of India and most important is the will of Kashmiris.

Trade relations with India should be broken up. All Muslim countries should be tempted for this boycott under the OIC resolution of April 1993. Indian goods that are exported to Middle East are 50% of its total exports. If a successful campaign is launched against it then this economic pressure can also force India to accept the rights of Kashmiris. Then economic sanctions can also be demanded on international level. Resolutions should be approved in Security Council, General Assembly and on other platforms. The world is boycotting the goods of Israel because of the Palestinian issue. Firstly it seemed impossible but after some years it will be successful. Now Israel is furious at this.

Such kind of movement is needed in the case of India. If we struggle for this object we can reach at our destination. Nation should be prepared for Jihad, army should be active and atomic progress should be made. In this way, we can defend our country and respond any hostility of the enemy. A major advantage of atomic power is that we can refrain from complete war. The possibilities of limited war have also been changed. That’s why atomic power has a vital role in the strategy of defence.

It will be necessary for the success of the Kashmir policy that it should be drawn on the above mentioned lines that strong machinery should be appointed for the implementation of this policy. All political and religious parties should play a positive role in this regard. Parliament should also take necessary measures. Media has to play a significant role. A national movement is required for it. If the government of Pakistan, political parties and nation take stand on Kashmir issue, the circumstances can be changed within no time. It will be advantageous not only in this way that Kashmir will be liberated and will be affiliated with Pakistan but the nation will get a new passion and a new life. Pakistan will emerge as a strong Islamic welfare state. It was the real object of Pakistan Movement and the Movement of Kashmir.

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