Wednesday December 06, 2023

PTI chalks out strategy to tackle ‘non-political state actors’ active against Imran

November 21, 2023
PTI workers while at an election rally. — AFP/File
PTI workers while at an election rally. — AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) core committee Monday thrashed out a comprehensive strategy against what it alleged the undemocratic, unconstitutional and non-political state actors making Imran Khan a target of discrimination.

At its meeting, the core committee reviewed court proceedings against Imran Khan which caused frustration and anger among the people and damaged Imran’s popularity. The core committee resolved to strongly counter the ‘reprehensible attempts’ to speed up trials to punish Imran Khan and heap reserved judgments to deprive him of justice.

Central Additional Secretary General Ali Nawaz Awan’s recovery from the drawing room of the ‘King’s Party’ after more than two weeks of forced disappearance by the core committee is shameful. “State functionaries, who are running a vicious cycle of kidnapping for statements and violating the sanctity of politics and democracy are pushing Pakistan towards decline and decline,” core committee PTI said.

The state’s madness against the country’s most popular political party, it said, is provoking the people to react strongly by insulting fundamental rights and the right to representation. “The nefarious designs of trampling on the will of the people and settling the corridors of power with ‘ponies’ reared in the state stables will fail just as they have failed for the last 18 months,” the core committee said.

The core committee meeting also reviewed systematic efforts to push the general elections beyond the announced date, saying, “We are well aware of the objectives and objectives of the deliberate campaign to postpone the elections by various quarters”.

The committee also resolved it would not tolerate delay of one more day in free, fair and transparent conduct of elections, as the Supreme Court has declared February 8, 2024 as a ‘line on the stone’ regarding the conduct of elections, should take notice of the secret and public efforts to postpone. “The apex court should take notice of the ongoing series of pre-election rigging and ensure that the elections are held as per the criteria laid down in the Constitution on February 8,” it said and strongly condemned the denial of permission to various workers and officials to meet Chairman Imran Khan despite the court’s permission.

It approved initiation of contempt of court proceedings against jail authorities and welcomed new members included in core committee with formal approval of Chairman Imran Khan. The committee offered Fateha for the higher status of the late father of Central Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan, Gohar Ayub Khan and expressed condolences and sympathy with him.