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So near and yet so far

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November 21, 2023
So near and yet so far

The world of cricket is a roller-coaster of emotions, marked by both victory and tribulations. India, despite a lionhearted effort, concluded its Cricket World Cup journey with a loss, clearing the way for Australia to reclaim its position as the reigning champions. The pressure of hosting the tournament and playing the finals in front of a home crowd appears to have been too much for this Indian team.

While hopes were high for an Indian triumph and the players took to the field seemingly confident of their chances, they were unable to adapt to the unexpected shift in the dynamics of the game in favour of Australia. The Australian team delivered a stellar performance, securing their record-extending sixth Cricket World Cup title and bringing an end to India’s formidable home-tournament run.

Madiha Altaf



India’s incredible journey in the 2023 Cricket World Cup came to a bittersweet end in the final against Australia. After a stunning performance throughout the tournament, winning every match, India faced a tough battle against Australia in the ultimate showdown. The match was filled with anticipation and excitement as both teams showcased their skills and determination. India fought valiantly, displaying their exceptional batting and bowling prowess. However, cricket can be unpredictable, and on that fateful day, Australia managed to outshine India and emerged as the victorious team.

It was definitely a tough moment for Indian cricket fans. It’s natural to feel disappointed when your team does not come out on top, especially after such a fantastic run throughout the tournament. Sometimes, in sports, the outcome doesn’t go the way we want, but the spirit and passion of the fans remains unwavering.

Mahrukh Feroz