Friday December 01, 2023

Small business traders playing key role in economy, says mayor

September 25, 2023

PESHAWAR: Mayor of Peshawar Haji Zubair Ali Sunday said that small business traders are playing a major role in managing the economy and all steps have been taken for the solution of their genuine problems.

He expressed these views while addressing a meeting organised by Peshawar Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry after visiting different markets of the city here Sunday.Mayor Peshawar visited different historical markets in the city and met with the shopkeepers.

During this visit\ he reviewed the completion and quality of the development works in the markets, the shopkeepers were also informed about their problems.Later, in a meeting with the business community, not only solar systems were provided on the spot for the mosques of the markets, but sewing machines for the women of the area and street lights for the markets were also handed over to the business community.

Malik Maher Elahi, Haji Shakeel Saraf, Haji Shaukat, presidents and officials of the city’s markets and the business community participated in large numbers in the meeting.On behalf of Mayor Peshawar, he thanked him for ensuring the installation and monitoring of cameras under Safe City, including the maintenance, beautification and decoration of roads and footpaths in markets and green belts.

The business community also immediately approved the further demands placed before the mayor regarding their respective markets and directed them to solve them by bringing them to the notice of the relevant authorities.

In his address, Mayor Peshawar Haji Zubair Ali said that just as his father had done record development work for the people of the city while being the Governor, he is also carrying forward the same mission.

He said that the work that the elected provincial assembly members and ministers could not do in their constituencies is being done in the corners of Peshawar city as the mayor. He said that every possible practical work is being done to solve the problems of the people as well as our guardians i.e. the police, whether it is to improve the condition of the police stations or to increase their efficiency.