Thursday September 28, 2023

KE lodges 196 FIRs over power theft of 2m units

By Our Correspondent
September 16, 2023

K-Electric (KE) has taken decisive action against power theft by lodging 196 FIRs across various police stations in Karachi.

The theft accounts for a staggering two million units of electricity and amounts to Rs123 million in financial losses. This proactive measure came in response to directives from the federal government, which has placed a nationwide emphasis on curbing power theft.

According to a statement released by the city’s sole power supplier on Friday, a significant portion of the stolen electricity, totaling 1.5 million units, could be attributed to just 20 customers who had been charged with electricity theft. These individuals were allegedly involved in illegal hydrants and generator mafias that illicitly siphon off electricity and distribute it to various areas.

CEO KE Moonis Alvi emphasised the importance of swift and timely action to combat electricity theft. He stated, “Timely and swift action is critical to curb electricity theft. Not only is this hindering the provision of uninterrupted supply to areas, but it is also undermining the national exchequer and contributing to the issue of circular debt. Penalising this crime is essential for improving the supply and protecting customers. We thank the Government of Sindh and law enforcement agencies for their support in ensuring that this crime does not go unpunished, thus paving the way to a progressive sector.”

Since the beginning of the year, the KE had conducted more than 14,000 kunda removal drives, resulting in the removal of wires weighing in excess of 130,000 kilograms. The power supply was calling on its valued customers to stand with the company in the fight against power theft to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity to everyone.