Friday September 22, 2023

Traders’ body supports govt action against business mafia

By Our Correspondent
September 13, 2023

LAHORE:All Pakistan Anjuman Tajran announced supporting the ongoing operation against business mafias by the caretaker government. The traders body Supreme Council Chairman Naeem Mir commended the state efforts to curb the mafia which has made the life of commoners miserable and halted the businesses. Without ending the mafia rule, the state will not be able to move even a step forward.

He said the hoarders and illegal profiteers shouldn't be spared at all. Further, action against the electricity and gas thieves should be continued. Mir demanded that the looting of IPPs for the last two decades should be exposed. He said that a detailed audit of all IPPs should be made and public it alongside change the oppressive revenue clauses from the IPPs agreements.

Further, the option of nationalising IPPs should be considered, Mir suggested. He said the IPPs made illicit profits through legal means and sucked the blood of poor people. The IPPs owners should be held accountable. On smuggling, Mir said that the properties of smugglers and currency mafia should also be confiscated. The currency exchange companies are the centre of Hundi and Hawala. These companies are no longer needed in the digital age, he added. The government should launch action against banks involved in illegal buying and selling of dollars. He said the work of exchange companies can be done easily by our banking system. Thus the exchange companies should be closed.

He said holding elections would not solve the nation's problem rather justice should be the first priority. The corrupt elements and facilitators in government departments should not be spared. Mir observed that major importers are involved in the under invoicing while the exporters in over invoicing. He termed it a form of smuggling. This is also fraud against the state and theft while all of them are cloaked in nobility. Mir demanded that the assets of the customs authorities should be investigated. All assets of the customs authorities which are in excess of their income should be confiscated. If the customs authorities start punishments, the smuggling will stop. He asked abolishing taxes on property transactions. Due to closure of property business, there is massive investment in dollars, gold and smuggled items, Mir added. The recovery of property business will also change the direction of capital.

PHA reviews anti-dengue activities

Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) of Lahore conducted a comprehensive review of their ongoing efforts to combat the dengue epidemic in the provincial capital on Tuesday. According to a spokesperson, under the orders of Director General Muhammad Tahir Wattoo, field directors were instructed to rigorously enforce the established SOPs.

This proactive measure is a response to the increasing threat posed by the virus. Health authorities have warned that cases of dengue fever could increase, partly due to global warming benefiting mosquitoes that spread it.

A warmer climate is believed to accelerate mosquito reproduction and enable the virus to multiply within their bodies. Dengue fever symptoms include fever, muscle pain, nausea, and rashes, but it tends to be more severe and sometimes fatal upon repeat infection, making its containment a long-term concern.