Friday September 22, 2023

May 9 violence: KP education dept says 24 employees suspended after inquiry

June 07, 2023

TIMERGARA: The elementary and secondary education department said Tuesday the 24 employees were suspended after a proper inquiry which found them involved in vandalism on May 9 and 10. The suspension order of the employees of the department were issued a day before for their alleged involvement in vandalism in the jurisdiction of the district education officer male, Lower Dir. They were placed under suspension for a period of 90 days, said a circular issued from the office of the district education officer (DEO) male here. It said the action was taken after an inquiry report under rule 6 of the E&D rules, 2011 with immediate effect. Those suspended from services included 18 primary school teachers, 4 middle and high schools’ teachers and 2 class IV employees for their alleged involvement in violent acts after the arrest of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan. The suspended employees include naib Qasid Hanif Shah, watchman Azam Khan, junior clerk Mohsin, physical education teacher Jamal Farooq, theology teacher Abdul Basit, Shahbaz Durrani of GHS Ramora, Yahya Khan primary school head teacher (PSHT), Hayat Gul senior primary school teacher (SPST), Rizwanullah PSHT, Farmanullah SPST, Latifullah SPST, Rahatullah PST, Rahimullah PST, Khurshid Alam SPST, Manzoor Qadar PSHT, Rahmanullah SPST, Iqbal Ali PST, Imtiaz PST, Aqib Said PST, Murtaza PST, Jalaluddin PST, Usman Zada SPST and Mushtaq SPST.