Thursday September 28, 2023

Governor asks people to abide by law

June 04, 2023

LAHORE : Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman has condemned vandalism and destruction of national property on May 9.

He expressed these views at a roundtable conference organised by Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (MKRMS), Jang Group of Newspapers, on ‘Strong and prosperous Pakistan, and our national responsibilities and our martyrs’. Governor said that on May 9, an attempt was made to set ablaze government properties as well as the Governor’s House. These are red lines, everything would be forgiven but it would not be forgotten. He said that citizens must abide by the Constitution and law, and they should play their due role in improving the country’s economy only then our country would become strong and people would have to display tolerance, the governor added.

Because of the training of a leader, the youngsters resorted to vandalism and destruction of national property and such attacks never happened before in country’s history, he said, adding the morale of young generation had deteriorated to such an extent that even at holy place like Madina they keep shouting slogans which is shameful.

Lieutenant General (R) Faiz Ali Chishti said that when Pakistan was formed, it was said that it would not last for more than 25 years. The honour and position given to Pakistan in the world should be maintained. Aziz Ahmed Awan said that no true Pakistani was ready to listen against army as strong army strengthened Pakistan, so we should come forward for the honour of our institution.

Provincial Health Minister Prof Dr Javed Akram said that strong institutions were vital for making country strong. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the health institutions, the laws of the institution should be implemented in the right direction.Geo News Lahore Bureau Chief Raees Ansari said had the procession been stopped on the way, the Corps Commander’s House would not have caught fire, it is the job of the police to maintain public order, he added. Such strict planning should be done so that such incidents do not happen in the future. Colonel (R) KM Roy said that if the institutions do not stay within the limits, no work will be done properly.

University of Education, Lahore, Vice-Chancellor Talat Naseer Pasha said that education builds man’s moral character so families should have paid attention on it.

Brigadier (R) Zafar Bilal Yaseen said that love each other, focus on health, education and economy. Dr Salman Sultan Rana said that we did not educate and train the youth. Brigadier (R) Farooq Hameed said that Constitution and laws should be strictly followed. Prof Dr Bushra said that if the educational institutions are strong, the country will be strong. Brigadier Nadir said that the main problem of the country is economy, it should be strengthened. Majeed Yusuf said that problems arise when the institutions cross their boundaries. Munawar Anjum said to strengthen democracy there were abuses in the past too and there was no vandalism. Dr Kalyan Singh Kalyan said that we should respect the army as the protector of the borders. KEMU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mahmood Ayyaz said that a positive message should be conveyed to the people through social media. Former MPA Shehla Shahid said social chaos destroyed institutions, political leaders should unite the nation. Wasif Nagi said that Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society has organised more than 800 seminars, conferences, medical camps in Pakistan and America since 1992, the spirit of Pakistani nation and army has always been praise-worthy.