Thursday June 08, 2023

Sindh cabinet likely to approve teachers’ licence policy today

May 25, 2023

The Sindh education department has developed a teachers’ licence policy, which is expected to be approved in the cabinet meeting scheduled for today.

Under the new policy, the control of two teachers training institutes will be transferred to the Sindh Teachers Education Development Authority (STEDA), and a board will be formed to oversee teachers’ training and issue professional licences. BEd and MEd degrees will be required for teachers to earn a professional licence. Licentiates will be entitled to apply for Grade 16 teacher positions announced by the government, but training will be required for any promotions to higher grades. According to sources, a STEDA board will be constituted, chaired by the minister for education, with members including the education secretary and other higher-ranking department officials. The board will be in charge of issuing teacher licences and overseeing training matters.